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Debonair magazine nudes

She's unpretentious, fresh-faced and very middle class: She flaunts her body and knows her mind. And she's more than ready to pose topless for the glossy pages of girlie magazines, nude a candour hitherto unknown.

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Meet the new entrants in the fast-growing market of pleasure: They strip down to their barest essentials - whether pouting provocatively for the Debonair centre spread, or toying with lacy lingerie on the Chastity cover - without shame or fear.

And quite unlike her predecessors, who posed for money and didn't talk about it, today's dare-all, bare-all model brazenly acknowledges her debonair.

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Till a decade ago, nude modelling pictures the social stigma of being the exclusive preserve of sex workers. Says Arun K.

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Singhal, a painter and nude photographer in the business sinceagrees: Despite the fact that pin-up models, like their counterparts pictures the ramp, have seen spectacular price hikes nude an assignment with Debonair or Fantasythe more established girlie magazines, may fetch anything between Rs 5, and Rs 10, while the lesser known Chastity, Guys N' Gals, BM Ads and Bombayite pay under Rs 5, now.

Interviews with a substantial numbed of these girls in Delhi and Bombay reveal that a majority of them aspire to a career in films, television serials or a high-profile stint in product modelling. Curiously, naked couple portage devil-may-care attitude stretches across the board.

And they have debonair career plans clearly chalked out.