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Masage sex qvod Dasinger is Sweeting's attorney. We believe a child was coerced into making false allegations about my client.

Sex and Laughter with Debbie Scheer

We believe there is no physical evidence of these charges whatsoever. There hasn't been any provided to us nor do we believe there debbie will be. Sweeting is a Army and Coast Guard veteran, a softball coach in Fairhope and Spanish Fort with no prior criminal sex according to Dasinger.

He called a thousand dollar bond, excessive. According to the Baldwin County District Attorney's Office, a warrant was signed for Sweeting's arrest after the allegations were made. He is also charged with Child Sex Abuse which involves sexual contact with a child under the age of Assistant District Attorney Kristi Hagood says there are two charges against Sweeting but only one sex. He is expected to have a bond hearing later this afternoon.

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The investigation into the allegations is continuing. Iri al. Helpo pri alireblo.