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Curled up nude

Sale Price realised USDTom Wesselmann Curled Up Blue Nude signed and dated 'Wesselmann 01' on the overlap oil on canvas 49 x 55 in.

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Painted in In this series, Nude revisits the female form in an homage to art historical icons, such as the odalisques of Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, Eduard Manet and Henri Matisse. Wesselmann, quoted in Tom Wesselmann: The Intimate Imagesexh.

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Wesselmann was inspired to establish a unique and identifiable visual language in dialogue with these modern masters and the legacy of the reclining female. Trained as a cartoonist in his early years, Wesselmann imbued his nudes with a surreal, Pop-like sensibility curled he continued to explore until the end of his life.

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Inspired by magazine advertising and billboard imagery, Wesselmann often incorporated glossy, overly-sexualized ad imagery in his work, including lacquered nails, glossy lips and the ubiquitous smoldering cigarette. Coed porn pic the present work, the subject is devoid of most identifying features, save for her lips, nipple and flowing blond hair. The nude symbolizes a nude adaptation of traditional muses.

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With a bold use of color, line and space, the elements of this composition create a tension that simultaneously curled and destabilizes the body of the nude.