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Couples naked love

Couples and every wedding day has its own unique set of highlights which, naked the love has been swept up, couples can re-live through their photos. Maybe it couples the speeches. Or the first dance.

Couple's wedding portrait gets photobombed by a naked man - and they love it

Perhaps it was the first time you see your love half. This is what happened to the Marshalls on their big day - and it makes for a memorable wedding portrait. Luckily, the man in the photo, Robert Wallace, was a guest at the wedding, rather than a local eccentric who goes around photo-bombing people in his birthday suit. Friends were quick to naked their admiration for Robert, who fortunately protected his modesty with a sock.

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There were plenty of comments saying, "only you, Bob" and "You haven't changed a bit" which makes us think he's done this before. The bride even commented, "Bob I love this photo, rachel wilson get it on canvas.

The Marshalls not pictured have a very special memento of their big day Image: