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College drunk girls

Love 'em jailbait panty sex hate 'em, we've seen or even been all of 'em. Behold the 16 types of drunk girls you will encounter in life. You're having a great time re-enacting the Napoleon Dynamite dance with your friends, then this girl clears the way and starts doing sexy pirouettes.

The 16 Types of Drunk Girls

You start to create a point system for this girl: Whatever you do, do not piss this girl off. She will take her earrings out, start talking with her hands and rip your heart and soul out.

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The only case in which this type college drunk girl is good to have around is when you are the one she is fighting for. She could be on the verge of a severe blackout and still look adorable. She has perfected the drunk pout and can get you a free drink in three seconds flat by batting her fake eyelashes at the bartender.

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Although, she is drunk perfect one girls call when you just broke up with your SO and you need to hate the world for a minute.