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Cocos girl sex

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Coconuts are delightful and healthy orbs of magic that Mother Nature blessed us with, with the full intention that we eat them, or mix with rum and goat fucking gif for a refreshing tropical beverage. What Mother Nature did not intend, however, was for horny dudes to drill holes in coconuts, and then proceed to fuck them.

No, no. One day Girl hear that my mother is going to be out for cocos much the entire afternoon.

‘Coco-Nutting’ Is the Insane New Sex Trend You Need to Know About

Horny me decides that it would be a fantastic idea to fuck a coconut. Honestly to this day I can't fathom why I thought that would be a good idea but my train of thought back then sex clearly somewhat clogged.

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I end up grabbing the coconut drill and through 20ish minutes of concerted effort end up creating a hole large enough for me to stick my porker into. I decide it requires some lube and grab the nearest slippery thing some butter before shoving it into the coconut followed shortly by my meat.

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I fuck the coconut and it actually feels pretty damn good so I blow my load, shove the coconut under my bed and continue about my day. Sex the next week the coconut is my saviour.

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Whenever I want to get off I simply take it out and fuck it in its delightfully tight hole made better each time by accumulating volumes of cocos semen and girl acting as a lubricant. It's heaven.