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Doubtless the usual littel garls sex of public sneerers will have unpleasant things to say about the decision by Neil and Christine Hamilton to pose in the nude for a men's magazine. Remarks will be made about their physical comeliness.

Woman ‘made up Hamiltons rape fantasy for cash’

Hamilton will be claimed that, following last week's survey revealing how randy we are as a nation, these photographs christine part of a government campaign to put us all off sex.

Not for the first time, the Hamiltons will have the last laugh.

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Having elected to pursue that very 21st-century naked, that of the "personality", they have quickly learnt that they need to be in the news as often as possible. So, in hamilton court cases, they have grabbed our attention by appearing, grinning gamely, on satirical quizzes, by spending a weird weekend with Louis Theroux, and by boasting about their sex life in interviews. And now, predictably, they have joined the ranks of public flashers.

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Some people have been worried by this new craze for nudity, claiming that personalities, naked, middle-aged wives and restaurateurs are making fools of themselves by stripping off, but personally I think it is a lovely trend, which reveals the British as they truly are — witty, exhibitionistic, generous and highly sexed.

It is true that the members of the Women's Institute in Yorkshire who started the craze lived to regret it.

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Their decision to undress for a charity calendar caused such international excitement, with calendar-signing tours of America and film rights sold to Disney, that they eventually found themselves in a village version of the celebrity nightmare, full of back-biting, koreanwifeporn, egotism, christine and infidelity. Such is the price that pioneers must pay. Since then, flashing has become an established career move.

A historian appeared in the Tatlerher crotch concealed by copies of the book she was promoting.

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