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IGN Babes Interview: Cherie Roberts Part 2. Cherie's back to talk about sex and food and sex and cartoons and sex and pets, straightjackets, cherie, and games. And sex! Here we are again, together on the internet, looking forward to sex weekend.

Cherie roberts

What's in store? Will we party it up like it's ?

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Will we take a last-minute egyptian sex rough trip to Vegas, in hopes that the carburetor doesn't get clogged with butterflies and possum-juice halfway-out on Highway 15? Will we sit at home, reminiscing about roberts babes from our own lives, listening to "Fall to Pieces" again and again? Or be like goth kids and stare tragically into candles for hours on end?

Cherie Roberts

Well one thing's for damn sure. We'll be watching Best Week Ever. We're expecting to be on it. Because we had the best week. Well, okay, maybe Katie Holmes or Tom Cruise had the best week ever, as they just got engaged.