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Cartagena nude beach

kinky overalls

Hard to get to - very rough road, but the beach is wonderful, completely natural. In winter you In the past we frequently drove to theses amazing beaches but with the introduction of the park and A really natural beach area, a bit of a way to get to cartagena but worth the effort, once there not much to do and no refreshment areas but a nice quiet walk along natural shore line looking at the flora and fauna, but beware of the nudist bathers.

Beware of the nudist beaches. - Playa de Calblanque

If your looking for a bit beach privacy on a proper rustic beach this is for you. Great waves, definately the place to get a proper tan!!! No beach bars, no music - just natural amazing landscape. One entrance is suitable for disabled people or nude strollers.

Nudist Beaches : Official Murcia Region tourist site

Great beach, despite not cleaned naked supercross babes full of quils. Protected natural beach of high landscape value.


Beach beach is located within the regional nude Parque Regional de Cartagena, one of the best preserved unspoilt natural landscapes on the coast.

Its enormous natural wealth is based on its arid mountains, its long, ochre and golden-coloured beaches as well as its lonely coves, the formation of its fossil dunes, its white salt lakes and its mountain massifs, which contrast with the blue sea.

We went out of season and a great time enjoying the waves, sunbathing and sand castle building. There are no facilities here and it is crowded in season.