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Car show nude

Nude Beach Parking Permit | Car Show | Damian Gadal | Flickr

Sex appeal is nude to sell cars in every country, but China has outdone the rest of the world with what they call "breast naked dick single exhibitions," i. For the past year, auto shows in China have become increasingly dominated by topless women showing off new cars like booth professionals taken to the extreme.

The government isn't happy about the nudes, but their slap-on-the-wrist punishments have done little to get them off stage. Sex sells. It's hard to argue with that. We show that Chinese carmakers and dealers would stop promoting their cars with ever-more-scantily-clad models in August That was when one Volkswagen dealer had its models in bikinis strip down to nothing and pose buck-naked by the new family sedans.


At the Beijing Auto Show, the Chinese government got pissed again, car Car News Chinaprobably because the topless models were getting more international media attention than the Chinese cars themselves. A popular Chinese daytime TV celebrity wandered around the show in a skimpy dress just to promote a website and the government issued a "serious reprimand" against the "vulgar publicity" at the show, which it denounced as "a hotnudegirlsvideos exhibition with many famous cars.

DJ Host for VV Nude Car Show

The car humor is that none of the cars on display are famous at show. They're the same cheap-looking cars we're used to seeing from China, and the only reason why anyone is paying anything nude close to attention to them is because of the naked breasts pressed up against their sheetmetal. Meanwhile, state-run media outlets have shown none of the skin, only showing the same kind of booth professionals as we see in the West: