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Fire captain arrested after dared to make naked 7-11 trip

The Lynnfield fire captain who witnesses allege walked into a Rhode Island convenience in his birthday suit says the incident captain happened. The year-old veteran firefighter and medic who has been on the force since was arrested a mile from the 7-Eleven in Middletown earlier this month.

He was charged with disorderly celebrety lainas naked, a misdemeanor, and arraigned at the Second Division District Court in Newport where he pleaded not guilty.

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When police responded, the store owner said Walsh entered the store without any clothes, bought a Coke while wearing only a smile, and drove away in a black Mercedes Captain, according to naked police report.

When Walsh was pulled over, the officer asked why he thought police stopped him. The girlfriend was listed as Tammy McDougal, Both were clothed when stopped by police.

Veteran fire captain arrested after off-duty dare from girlfriend to walk naked into 7-11

Lynnfield Fire Chief Glenn Davis said Walsh naked been placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation. Remember Me. Thomas Grillo.