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Cana naked

I have a young boy and do not want him to be exposed to this just yet, any help? I have a 5 year old and he was not traumatized after the experience.

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Not really sure how you will avoid it unless he closes his eyes most of the time or you actually ask the females to put a top on. Generally all the resort in the DR permit topless sunbathing, which is very waterfall sex pics with Europeans, at the beach.

Generally they prefer that guests do not go topless at the pool unless there is an adult pool and some even post signs requesting "No Topless" at pools BUT enforcement is spotty at best and rarely will an offender be asked to cover up.

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On the other hand it has been my experience that parents usually make way more of this than young or older cana girls or boys. We've been to Palladium Bavaro and Riu Cana I'm fairly certain all resorts in PC have topless sunbathers to accommodate the European lifestyle.

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Your son will probably not even notice, and if he does, it will not be naked big issue if you explain some people just like to do this. I had the same concern with my young teenage son who attends a private catholic school. It was more of an issue for me naked it was to him.

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