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Autoerotica car girls people who need defending on budding are not always the ones you would actually want to defend.

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They may not be the worthiest people, or the nicest or the wittiest. Often they are mediocre or gross or self-aggrandizing.

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Think of Larry Flynt, naturist publisher of Hustler. Or Karen Finley, the performance artist best known for smearing her body with chocolate.

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Just because they are under siege legally doesn't mean they are worth the trouble of defending on other grounds. Consider two photographers who have recently been called child pornographers.

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There is David Hamilton, whose book ''Age of Innocence'' Arum Press is full of simpering, soft-focus pictures of naked girls with budding breasts, paired with quotations about their forthcoming deflowering. Teens Mr. Sturges's studio was raided seven years ago by Federal agents, a grand jury declined to indict him on charges of child pornography.