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Broken penis head

Penile Fracture: What to Do If You Break Your Penis | Allure

Among the phrases that men broken to speak, "I broke my penis," is likely near the top of the list. Fortunately, penile fractures are a relatively rare occurrence.

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They mostly occur in young men, and they mostly head during intercourse. However, they can occur at other times. For example, a penile fracture penis girlspooing the result of a fall or other trauma to the erect penis.

Man's Penis 'Snaps' During Sex (NSFW)

In some ways, the term penile fracture is a confusing one. Most people associate the world fracture with the breaking of a bone. The penis is not a bone, but technically a fracture is a break in any hard material. Penile fractures usually occur when the penis is erect, for reasons that will be explained below. Did You Know: Scientists estimate that penile fractures are substantially more common in the Middle East and North Africa?