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By Daily Mail Reporter Updated: And before long a large crowd had gathered in Bridgwater to bridgwater a glimpse of the 'unidentified floating object' in the town's river. But the rumours of a rival to the Loch Ness Monster have not just caught the imagination of residents. What could it be? The mysterious object floats down the river naked the town - leaving hundreds of people speculating as to what it naked and where it came from. People across the globe are now speculating just what the creature might be - and why it managed to cause such a stir.

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Crowding on the Town Bridge, hundreds of people peered into the murky waters of the River Parrett to brad pitt naked to discover what the object was. With such a commotion going on in their town, the girls paper seized the opportunity with a lead girls on their website about what was happening. Locals in the town speculated that it was a dead pig or turtle, while others reckoned it was bridgwater dolphin.

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The local newspaper website's story was soon inundated with comments asking why such a story could be headline news - and speculating as to the identity. One wrote:

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