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Briana unknown. Super Sexy girltan but small, she will fuck u up if it comes to it.


Big Patty- I almost pushed briana down the bleachers. Briana- wtf did u say bitch?

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Briana a hot sexy girl with a nice smile. Briana has a sexxy ass and body known for having big boobs.

Urban Dictionary: Briana

Briana plays with the guys but has strong feelings for only one Briana is active and sweet with a beautiful body this girl is briana short and sweet she's a crazy girl that loves everyone briana dating sites sex a awesome friend or girlfran. Briana ass amazing She has the most perfect personality She is very loving She is so beatifulhot, sexy She can fix a broken heart When your phone lights up And you see she texted you You instantly ass happy She is really really amazing Theres no word to explain how amazing she is Amazing doesn't really cut it Maybe she has her ups and downs But once you see her true side You will fall in love.

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That girl is so amazing briana beautiful Oh thats Briana. A girl who is outgoing and loves to smile. She is always trying to help her friends in any way she can.