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A bountifully chest-blessed frosted brunette, Bonnie Bedelia has been stealing scenes since the s. She reached her widest bedelia playing the hard-nosed, soft-sweatered wife of Bruce Willis in the first two Die Hard and movies, but her biggest claim to tabloid fame might be that she is the aunt of lapsed child actor Macaulay Culkin. Not only is Bonnie every bit as pretty as Macaulay was in his prime, but she carries herself with a tremendous thrust of frontal shelf.

A brief profile glimpse of the balcony occurs in The Gypsy Moths when Bonnie attempts and fails to wrap the protrusions in a robe.

Bonnie Bedelia nude

To sample Bedelia's pussy patch bikinis nipples, make friends with the black-and-white flashbacks in The Stranger Judicial Consent - as Gwen Warwick. Needful Things - as Polly Chalmers. The Prince of Pennsylvania - as Pam Marshetta.

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The Stranger - as Alice Kildee. The Strange Vengeance of Rosalie - as Rosalie.

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Lovers and Other Strangers bonie as Susan Henderson. The Gypsy Moths - as Annie Burke.

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Then Came Bronson - as Temple Brooks. Parenthood - as Camille Braverman.