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Ford moved to California in Sex father, Desmond Fordwas a noted Seventh-day Adventist theologian, and was the center of a theological controversy in the late s and '80s. His mother, Gwen Ford, published a book when he was two years old, but died of bone cancer in Marchwhen Ford was three. After leaving the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Ford explored atheism.

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He has been asked to leave at least two different congregations. A Rebel Without a Shul. Ford has been diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder and histrionic personality disorder. Ford studied economics at UCLA but did not graduate.

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Instead, he worked as an investigative journalist for southern California newspapers and at a radio station. In blogger, he became intrigued with the lack cum filled babes journalistic coverage of the pornography industry, and started to write a book, which became A History of X. Yunggirlporno Januaryafter researching porn for video year, Ford wrote, produced, directed and acted in What Women Wanta pornographic video.