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Jeisen Tabibito. Anna masturbating naked tall, lean, and muscularly toned figure.

10 Bleach Characters Far More Interesting Than Ichigo

On his back is he has a hidden pocket, which has a small book, a small tool set, and emergncy first nude kit, and few male to help him fight, which he is always adapting to fit new demands. He carries his zampaktuo across his back with the hilt over his right shoulder with a dark green sash holding it in place. On his right shoulder hidden by behind his uniform, the is a tatoo of a wolf running. Ever since acheiving Bankai, shadows warp around his being, more so in times of stress. Since becoming Captain, Jeisen wears his haori and black arm bracers.

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They go up to his wrist with metal plates sticking out on to the back of his hand. A largly independent figure, silent to most at first.

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However, he generally warms up to his comrades fairly quickly. He is quick on his feet and quick with his mind, trading wit for wit with most people. In times of stress, bleach becomes silent, organizing his thoughts on the situation.

He is very 'adventurous', leading to situations in which he must beat a hasty retreat.