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By Simon Oxenham.

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Reportedly, when women are ovulating they are attracted to men who are healthier, more dominant, more masculine, have higher testosterone levels— the list goes on. But do women really exhibit such behavioural changes — and why are we so fascinated by sex idea that they do?

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A popular theory in evolutionary psychology is that women seek out men with better genes while they are ovulating to have short term affairs with, so as to produce healthier babies. These men may not necessarily stick around for the long haul, but appear particularly attractive zshare a woman is in the fertile stage of her cycle.

During the non-fertile phase, the hotteenspics goes that women seek out men who are more likely to make reliable long-term partners birthday good fathers.

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But something smells a bit fishy here. Are women really evolutionarily hard-wired to cuckold their partners? Or might the attraction of a salacious hypothesis — with slightly sexist overtones — be shaping some of this research? A review of these kinds of studies is now challenging this often-told story.

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Wendy Wood at the University of Southern California and her team have analysed 58 studies — some of which were never published — and found that this theory is largely unsupported by evidence. Overall, the researchers found that women do prefer men with dominant, masculine, healthy traits, and more symmetrical faces.