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Best pornstar pinay

There pornstar quite a few Filipina porn stars around but the majority of them are not that hot.

Top Ten of the Most Fwapable Filipina Porn Stars

However there are some that are quite attractive. Actually the 1 hottest has to be my uber crush CJ Miles best but she is extremely soft core. Most of her stuff is just shaking her perfect ass in a thong, though there are a few videos of her showing that koreanoralsex pink pussy floating around.

If you want some real Filipina porn then I suggest you check these girls out.

Top 4 Filipina Porn Stars

She has some of the sexiest eyes on the planet. Actually I sort of like her softcore stuff more than her hardcore stuff for some reason. She is a great one to watch playing with pinay. She does also have some nice videos where she is getting plowed though. Some Filipina and Wet nude pictures girls on free webcam site Chaturbate.