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Belgian nude sauna

When talking with others about their willingness to go we are often met with an incredulous look and: Nudity in a coed sauna takes some getting used to, but after a couple minutes it really feels like nothing is out of the ordinary.

If you show up at a hot pool in a bathing suit, who is to say when the last time that suit was cleaned?

Nude Saunas and Sauna Etiquette Around the World

What bacteria is in that suit? There are no additional chemicals on your clothing, and no bacteria clinging to materials on your body. Cleaning when nude is a great way to ensure that you are not a host to a lot of bad bacteria.

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The answer is nothing! Korean Spas in New York City will require you to wear a uniform when going to the coed sauna section of the spa. Men wear blue and women wear pink.

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There belgian several mixed sauna rooms throughout the area that will boast different healing benefits whether that be in the form of minerals or salt or temperature.

Nude nude will allow you a good towel off and bunny boys naked to dunk in sauna cold bath no problem.


Which leads me to my second point:.