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Prepare yourself for some of the worst Japanese puns you have ever heard, be it about eating pussy like rice, raw fish smell and Hentai.

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However, inside all this non sense japanese still a decent list of some of the hottest and all in all, best Japanese pornstars as of and As you might know, Japan loves to censor the shit out of porn. Tentacle porn with eel inside asshole? That is fine, of course.

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Massive bukkakes? A clitoris?

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Jail time for you, bitch. This is what happens when you try to jizz without seeing a non-pixelated cunt.

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We did Asian pornstars list already, if you are into other types of Asians too. Airi Ai is a Japanese teen boob fucking movie performer that was recommended to us by the community.

Japanese Porn Stars | List of Hot Japanese AV and Adult Stars

In this top 20 we will combine both, American and non-American models, which basically means that we get to satisfy every single one of you, those that prefer pixels and real deal and people appreciating Japanese beautiful without any censorship. I am more of the second type of a guy.

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Mystery was never my thing, except for pornstar.