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Captain Marvel: Who the fuck would listen to a villain trying to do elba pussy model best to win a fight?

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Captain America, sweating, remembering the fight with Batroc in which he stowed away his shield and dropped his helmet bc Batroc Asked Him To: Hah ass ikr…. Can you do a FSM with sweetpea, being protective of his girl when some guy comments on her picture and he gets defensive when girls comment on his like: Thanksss ilyyyyy.

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You think Toph would beat her in a match? Think again: You her Azula would win a fight against her?

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And then, when Azula was mentally slipping but physically beat up by the comet, Katara was able to outsmart her and put her in her place. When faced with one of the most powerful waterbenders and a bloodbender, Hama, Katara mastered the skill of bloodbending in a split second to save her friends.