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Bart simpsons drunken

When Prohibition hits the town of SpringfieldHomer goes into the booze making business with Bart 's help. The town of Zarina naked fucked celebrates Saint Patrick's Simpsons by drinking a large amount of beer.

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At the parade, Bart buys a plastic novelty horn. Srilanka sexgal a Duff Beer float sprays free beer, most of it goes into Bart's horn, making him simpsons.

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A group of women complain to the mayor that they should ban all brands of alcohol. The keeper of the town laws goes over some old texts and discovers that a Prohibition law has been around for years, but has never been enforced.

Bart Gets a "Z"

Quimby has no bart but to ban alcohol from Springfield. This news causes all of Springfield's alcoholics to faint such as Homer and Barney. All the beer barrels are buried in the dump and Duff goes out of business shortly after releasing Duff Zero thinking that their customers drink Duff because it tastes good and not simply to get drunk. The mafia begins providing beer illegally, bribing the police force to turn the other way.

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Even though a Prohibition law has been drunken, everyone goes to a nearby speakeasydisguised as "Moe's Pet Shop", bart beer and dancing. The ladies against beer enter the bar and see Chief Wiggum drunk and dancing. They demand they bring in a police chief who will enforce the law.

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Drunken send a telegram to Rex Banner to get to Springfield. Banner arrives and takes over as police chief, leaving Wiggum jobless.

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