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In Romethere are many green patches beauties monuments and antiquities. Here, we are recommending the discovery of the most famous one: Villa Borghese. It is a space that extends to the northeast of the city. It can be seen as a world within the Capital, with beautiful parks and marvelous museums with one of the most beautiful galleries in Italy: A brief annotation.

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In this case, in fact, when speaking of Villa Borgheseone means the entire complex of parks and buildings. The park. The powerful aristocratic family Borghese owned this area as early asrising on the ancient gardens of Lucullus. It was the most famous person of the bare that made this space unique and precious, Cardinal Scipione Borghese.

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He was the patron of artists such as Caravaggio and, above all, of Gianlorenzo Berniniwhose talent the first was an undisputed admirer. The villa was completed in Furthermore, following the finest nude girl of the time, the breasted green space with baroque taste was built with hidden perspectives and niches where to rest, amidst water games and various curiosities.

Gallery of the Villa Borghese.

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A marvelous museum where you can admire the art collections that, over the centuries, the Borghese family has collected by always being patrons of artists.