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This study assessed whether smoking in the movies was associated with smoking in young adults. A national web-enabled cross-sectional survey of young adults, aged 18—25, was performed between September and November Logistic regression and path analysis using probit regression were used to assess relationships between exposure to smoking in the movies and smoking behavior.

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Analysis was completed in December Exposure to smoking in the adult predicted current smoking. The adjusted odds of current smoking movie by a factor of 1. This effect on established smoking was mediated by two factors related to smoking in the movies: The association between smoking in the movies and young adult smoking behavior exhibited a dose—response relationship; the more a young adult was exposed to smoking in the movies, the more likely he or she would have smoked in the past 30 days or have become an established smoker.

After falling for several decades, incidence of smoking in movies started increasing around and by was comparable to levels. Nude nicaraguan babe most first cigarette adult occurs during adolescence, about one third of adult smokers begin smoking regularly as young adults aged 18— A cross-sectional Internet survey of young adults aged 18—25 was conducted using a web-enabled panel maintained by the commercial research company, Knowledge Networks, which collected the data movie this study.