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Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary

The wildlife sanctuary was established in and came under the Wildlife Protection Act of The sanctuary is one of little last places on earth where the endangered wild ass sub-species Indian Wild Ass Khur Equus hemionus khur belonging to Asiatic Wild Ass species Onager Equus hemionus can be spotted.

The Rann of Kutch is a sealine desert. During monsoonthe Rann Gujarati for desert gets flooded nudes skinny teen a period of about one month and is dotted with about 74 little plateaus or islands, locally called 'bets'.

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Ass bets are covered with grass and feed the population of around animals. The sanctuary is habitat to many species of animals and birds.

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The main threat faced by the sanctuary is the illegal salt panning ass activity in the area. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Gujarat portal. Chennai, India: The Hindu.