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It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on January 11, When Marge unsuccessfully tries to get the kids to clean up the backyard, Homer runs into the house to exclaim to the family that the carnival is in town.

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After trying some rides, Bart gets himself into trouble by crashing a display of Hitler 's limousine into a tree. To repay the loss, Bart and Groove become carnies.

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They freehighdefinitionpornmovies up with carnies Cooder and his son, Spud. Cooder asks Homer to run his fixed game, but Homer fails to bribe Chief Wiggumand Cooder's game is shut down. Feeling ass, Homer invites Cooder and Spud to stay at the Simpson residence, groove to Marge's dismay. To express their gratitude, the Cooders give the Simpsons tickets on a glass-bottom boat ride.

When the Simpsons return, they find that the locks have been changed, the windows are all boarded up, and the Simpsons' name is crossed off the mailbox and replaced by "The Cooders".

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The family is forced to take up residence in Bart's treehouse. Homer proposes to Cooder, that ass he can throw a hula hoop onto the chimneythey get ass house back. If he misses, he will sign the deed over to Cooder. Cooder agrees and steps onto the lawn to watch Groove attempt.

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