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Ass crack jeans

Urban Dictionary: Butt Dent

Then some kind of half shorts, half jeans type situation happened, then jeans with rips right under your bum cheeks. Denim has truly been doing the MOST in but now From the front, they look naked breast fuck but from the back How convenient!

How thoughtful! Unfortunately for ASOS, the majority of the internet isn't on board with the lewk.

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It's a resounding NO from them. JeansSeriously wtf? ASOS wtf?

ASOS Are Selling "Visible Butt Crack" Jeans And They Are A Crime Against Humanity

If you're not into the whole 'ass-crack-cut-out' trend that ASOS is trying to flog but are also kind of keen to start experimenting with other forms of visible butt crack denim-wear, then you'll be thrilled to know that the iconic early 00's trend of low rise jeans is making a swift comeback.

Time for the mainstream and alternative gals alike ass dig those studded belts out from the bottom of your wardrobes and embrace the accidental crack slip of your teenage years.

Or, ya know Stranger Things.

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