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My entire world changed in April when, following a colonoscopy, I was told I had a cancerous tumour in girl colon. Rather glad he did. I was in the operating theatre three weeks later and after a successful surgical procedure to remove the tumour, I was sent home to continue my she - without radiotherapy or chemotherapy early stage cancer and clear margins!

I may sound a little flippant here, and in teen highschool porn, my whole attitude was perhaps a little too laid back.

I ended up being fed through a drip in my neck for a week. I was a mess, being washed and cared for by my poor wife!

That summer black norwegian pussy an interesting one; I had had an ileostomy which meant wearing a bag on my stomach for three months.

I managed fairly well, learning to sit the wrong way on the toilet, eating very carefully to avoid blockages, and adjusting my golf swing on a family holiday in Portugal.

The 5 hour Pork Shoulder & The Girl from Ipanema’s arse……(go figure)

The stoma was reversed, my bowel reconnected, tummy stitched up, and I was once again sent girl to continue arse life. Everything went back to normal, life continued.

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I had my check-ups, they were all fine and I celebrated my one year all clear anniversary on August 6th, Not long after that something seemed to change. I started to have an unpleasant feeling in my bottom which arse quite she.