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Angry brunettes

January 23, at 7: This news has appeared over the interwebs, from the BBC since modified, but the evidence is still there to the Daily Mail from where the headline above hails.

Little brunette angry girl.

And not too surprisingly, it is simply not true. Which is sad, because the truth is probably more interesting. For men, this is predicted by strength; for women, it is predicted by attractiveness. Lad naked tumblr attractive women really are brunettes angry.

all the angry brunettes in one room

But blondes are not more attractive than Brunettes, so the Daily Mail Headline is wrong. Attractive and strong people have a higher sense of entitlement and brunettes likely to get angry over smaller things because of this. This is interesting for several reasons. The more we can physically hurt them, refuse angry things they want, or influence others to hurt angry, the more likely we are to be successful with a threat.

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So this study helps us understand why people get angry, which may help us overcome getting angry in the wrong circumstances. Men primarily use strength to force their way, but women can both use strength to a lesser degreemanipulation of men to exert strength, and removal of their favour.