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SEXY baristas have won a case that will allow them to keep serving coffee wearing just their lingerie. The so-called "bare-ristas" have been embroiled in a row with the city since August when officials banned them from serving steaming-hot beverages xmas midget tits semi-naked.

The baristas had sued the city, anal the laws against them violated their constitutional rights. The uptight rules banned exposure of "more than one-half of the part of the female breast located below the top of the areola.

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Also forbidden from sight were: The judge ruled that the terms were too vague, and that they went against the baristas' right to free expression under the First Amendment of the US Constitution. City officials had blamed the bikini barista stands for causing a rise in "sexual crimes. In court they also slammed the anal "bare-ristas" for dressing inappropriately for the public street. But the girls' lawyer Derek Newman told US media that the ban was criminalising what the sexypics wore, not the actual criminals.

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