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Anal nerf football

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The nice thing is you can really squeeze it to a small ball for easy insertion ,and after it is anal it expel again and give you a nice full feeling. I never thought of that as an anal toy before.

Foam Ball Plug

I'm going to have to go out and get one and try it!! Thanks for the info!!

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Best option: Some versions use golf balls, but most are for kids and use plumpnaked sized foam balls, knotted securely with one on each end of a foot-long rope. Stuff one or both inside, and you've got a handle to remove everything.

Anal Football

Plus it's pretty amazing to have them in football sight all the time in the yard, or to kim s tits them for their ACTUAL intended purpose with friends and family who have no idea nerf been inside your ass I am on my way to the dollar store to get me a nerf ball I can't fucking wait.

I guess a guy gal could always thread a string thru so you could retrieve it once it's done it's magic.

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The basic premise is worthy so long as anal plastic wrap part is followed and LOTS of lube is used. Do also be aware that plastic wrap's nerf are an insane amount of surface area for nasty stuff to hide. Need we say that all there is between any of us and that ER trip is a missed detail football that removal string being- or not- firmly attached well enough to get the toy back out?