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Almost a year ago today, we lost one of the strongest, most original voices in music.

Amy Winehouse Death: Father Mitch Winehouse Reveals What Really Happened

Amy Winehouse passed away in July ofand there's still a chasm in the music world that has yet to be amy. Her father, Mitch Winehouse, has been attempting to deal with the loss as best he can. Over the past year, he has had fingers pointed at him over Winehouse death; the media, the public and even some people in the music industry believe he's partially accountable for her passing.

In response to her untimely death, and as a kind of coping mechanism, Mitch Winehouse has written and published a book, titled " Amy: My Daughter.


In it, he explores Amy's life from birth to death, revealing little-known details, such as her uncanny ability to understand complex math, her deep relationship with her grandmother, and her tumultuous love amateur downblouse videos with Blake Fielder-Civil. He also seeks to uncover Amy's true life story, rather than have people piece together incorrect factoids from tabloid articles or celebrity gossip.

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The Huffington Post spoke with Winehouse about his book, why he wrote it and how much of an impact Fielder-Civil had on Amy Winehouse's life. First things first: I just wanted to offer my condolences. This really was a tragic loss.

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Thank you. What was the impetus for ass to write this book? Three reasons, mainly.