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Allanah starr pornstar

Recently we had the opportunity to sit down and chat with the always lovely Allanah Starr.

Allanah Starr

Need an Allanah refresher first? Allanah Starr was born in Pornstar and emigrated to the United States at the age five along with her family escaping political persecution. Her father had been a sxpics pussy prisoner and a radical anti-communist, so they were granted permission to migrate.

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At first, her family briefly relocated to New Jersey but permanently settled in Miami where she grew up. Always an advanced and honor student but severely bullied at school, she decided to overcome her shyness and fears at the age of 15 by enrolling in speech and debate and drama courses.

Allanah Starr

Having a desire to study acting but being denied so by her parents, Allanah decided to enroll in fashion college. She was a club allanah that became well known for her outrageous costumes, make up, and performances in the media and social starr. It was during that time that Allanah began to physically change to female. This also commenced her long love affair with cosmetic surgery, thus far having over 60 cosmetic surgeries and thousands of cosmetic procedures.

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