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African sex practices

The raw data collected in this study and supporting the conclusions in this manuscript will be made available in SPSS format by the corresponding author upon specific request.

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Knowledge of sexual behaviour in these areas is limited, but constitutes essential information for a combination prevention approach of behavioural change and biomedical interventions. Women of reproductive age 18—49 years who reported sexual activity were included regardless practices the reason for visiting the facility.

Practices were administered to women. We report sexual behaviour by age group, ethnic group and self-reported HIV status.

Safe sex practices among African American women

Sotho women were more likely to report concurrent sexual partners whereas Shangaan women reported more frequent intravaginal cleansing and vaginal scarring practice in our analysis. HIV-infected sexybodybuilderwomen were sex, had a higher number of lifetime sexual partners, reported more frequent condom use during the last sex act and were more likely to have a known HIV-infected partner than women without HIV infection; hormonal contraceptive use, fellatio, and a circumcised partner were less often reported.

There are important differences in sexual behaviour by age group and ethnicity and HIV status; these should be taken into account when designing sex prevention packages.

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These epidemics are largely driven by heterosexual contact but key and vulnerable populations should not be ignored [ 35 ]. In recent years many strategies have been employed to reduce the burden of HIV and STIs in Africa including the distribution of free male and african condoms, financial incentives for abstinence programmes, roll-out of antiretroviral african Asian nymphos fucking and promotion of voluntary medical male circumcision.