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Adults Need Play - 10 Ways to Have More Fun and Play More As Adults

Our society tends to dismiss play for adults. Play is perceived as unproductive, petty or even a guilty pleasure. Eberle, Ph. Play is art, books, movies, music, comedy, adult and daydreaming, writes Dr.

What's behind the infantilising trend for adult 'play'?

Brown, founder of the National Institute for Playing. Brown has spent decades studying the power of play in everyone from prisoners to businesspeople to artists to Nobel Prize winners.

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For instance, he found that lack of play was just as important as other factors in predicting criminal behavior nudity sex scene murderers in Texas prisons. He also found that playing together helped couples rekindle their relationship and explore other forms of emotional intimacy. Play can even facilitate deep connections between strangers and cultivate healing.

10 Ways to Have More Fun and Play More As Adults

In addition to being a doctor and adult, Dr. White is a clown. His alter ego, Dr.

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He even clowns at corporate presentations and prisons. Within 45 minutes, he was juggling and joking with a crowd of playing