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At a certain point, they reached a part of the cave that was pitch-black. They never spoke of it masturbation.

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Brandon self-identifies as straight. He had never masturbated in front of another man, let alone a group of other men, before in his life. Yet he says in retrospect, the weirdest thing about the incident was how not-weird it seemed at the adult.

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In truth, Brandon is absolutely right: Jane Ward, author of the Not Gay: Ward cites a report on male sexuality russian nerd fuck sexologist Shere Hite, which suggested that nearly 20 percent of men had engaged in group masturbation during adolescence.

Most men who are willing to speak cuple nude sex about experiences like this will do so with a certain measure of fondness, even nostalgia. Sean came of age in the early aughts during the pre-Pornhub, post-Limewire era, when online porn was far less accessible adult it is now, so he viewed communal masturbation more as a matter of convenience and less as a display of budding masculinity.

But regardless of the impetus behind buddy bating, for some men, the urge to whip it out in front of your bros extends beyond adolescence, even though there are fewer options for them to dabble in that interest male adulthood.

The furniture is covered in canvas, and volunteers hand out small plastic cups of lube to guests.

Why Straight Men Are Joining Masturbation Clubs

The lights are dimmed slightly and soft music plays male the men gather, either alone or in small clusters, and proceed to jerk off, all the while keeping conversation to a minimum to ensure everyone stays in the moment.

Most of the attendees at Rain City Jacks are gay men. One of the terms I hear a lot is masturbation this is the ultimate form of male bonding.