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Adult hymen tv

That's how I discovered I had a problem with my hymen. Like most teens, I was a little nervous about using a tampon for the first time.

Types of Hymens

I'd just got my period, right before a summer holiday where I'd been really looking forward to taking dips in the pool. How wrong I was. Fast forward pichunters nudes couple of hours, and I was experiencing my first-ever panic attack after spending two hours desperately yanking at the string in an increasingly frenzied bid to remove it.

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I hymen clueless as to what had gone wrong and, even more scarily, so was the internet. But, the more I pulled, the more pain I was in. The bathtub solution? No luck.

Can I request to have my hymen surgically removed?

My heart sank as I saw a thick, fibrous string of tissue stretching across the bottom of the now expanded tampon. Why adult my own body conspiring against me?

That was all I could think as my equally baffled mum drove me to hospital in a panic that night.