Dedicated server error

I cannot map the user manually because there is no domain in windows network and windows user from other machine cannot be added to SQL Server machine. Do you have any ideas how I can resolve this problem?

Tribe error dedicated server :: ATLAS Общие обсуждения

Are there some special permissions and users I have to set? This is a permissions issue for creating databases on the SQL server, but easily solved with these steps: Is this acount could be domain account? Strange is that from SQL Studio on this account everything looks fine.

Issue is with Milestone Installer. All rights reserved.

Half life dedicated server error

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Installer error CFG Failed to create login when installing on dedicated SQL Server

Installer error CFG Failed to create login when installing on dedicated SQL Server. Make- or use an account which exists on both machines, and shares the same password. You can find your FTP details in your hosting management dashboard. Go to: Single domain hosting accounts can only host one domain name at a time, however you are not stuck By using this site you agree to be bound by our Terms of Service. Please Login or Register. Website Builder. Toggle navigation.

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CoD4 Sever Hosting Tutorial Part 1 - Hosting 1.7 Dedicated Server

To solve the error, either change the email address of your account back to its original value or put through a support request asking to update your system email address this will usually require verifying your new email address.